February 2022

Test Your Soil at Home

You know how organic gardeners are forever saying, It’s all about the soil — well, they’re right. In organic gardening we feed our plants mostly through nutrient-rich soil, instead of with quick-fix, synthetic fertilizers. People who’ve been gardening in one area for a long time can tell a lot about soil quality by the color and tilth, but our …

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Understanding Soil pH

You probably know that healthy soil is important to grow healthy plants. If you’ve ever bought fertilizer or tested your soil, you’re familiar with the primary “N-P-K”, and maybe you even know about secondary nutrients and micronutrients. But there’s another side to soil chemistry that can be a little trickier to understand: pH. The Chemistry of …

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What is high quality compost?

High quality compost comes from a carefully tended compost pile with the right mixture of brown and green matter, water, and oxygen. When all is working optimally in a pile it will reach high temperatures of 120-150°F. The high heat will kill most pathogens and weed seeds, but the beneficial mycorrizhae will survive. There is …

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