Lyine hydroponic fodder container is a new fresh fodder planting mode for animals.the system is automatically controlled by Programmable Logic Controller,automatic control via touch screen on the control panel.The system could provide the most suitable required environment for the fodder growth with energy saving,water saving,labor saving,environmental Protection,healthy.

One button control temperature ,humidity,water supply and spray,light,Sterilization,ventilation,It is easy to be managed which makes cultivation of green grass for not only family& medium farm,but also big commercial farms,animals like cattle, cow, horse, sheep, camels, deer,chicken, goat,pig, rabbit etc.
Hydroponic fodder container system is an ideal solution for proving fresh fodder for animals bcz of high protein content,especially suit for any places with harsh growing environment such as land lacking,land barren,desert,very hot & super cool climate.

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