Aeroponic Tower System

The vertical hydroponic tower actually is aeroponic tower growing system,which is supply plant nutrients by atomizing water.

Compared with hydroponics system, the advantage of aeroponic grow tower is that it can help the roots of plants get more oxygen, use less water and nutrient, these can also help you reduce wastewater generation, and save more cost and technical investment.

Especially suitable for the building of greenhouse hydroponic systems in high-temperature areas, don’t worry about the fact that the plant factory does not have complete control technology. Like the phenomenon of the root rotten, caused by the water temperature is too high due to lack of temperature control system.

It can be said, the aeroponic tower system solves the problem that the part of the hydroponics crop types hard to plant, this is on the basis of there is not enough money. And I have to mention that, planting plants in aeroponic towers generally grows faster than hydroponic systems, the average growth rate can be increased by 1.5 to 2 times.

So, before deciding to use other hydroponic systems, you’d better fully understand the charm of vertical hydroponic towers.

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