Value Add

Maximizing production to ensure a quick ROI. Our team is responsible for making data driven decisions that boost your farm’s productivity and improve overall efficiency.

Trusted Operators

We provide onsite indoor farming experts to fully operate and manage your facility. A remote dedicated support team is also available to assist with any farm related challenges.

Scalable Service 

Our services are always scalable. When your business is ready to expand, we will work with you to successfully scale your farm operations. 

How It Works

We will provide a Senior Farm Operations Manager and/or Maintenance Technician to lead and operate your farm(s). With our support, your organization will employ the remaining local labour for packaging and harvesting under the direction and supervision of the Senior Farm Operations Manager. We will take care of all training, onboarding and scheduling.

A dedicated remote support team will also be available to address any issues, farming challenges or operational concerns.


Crop Management

Crop management and maximization from seed to harvest.

Agribusiness Management

farm operations, supply management, hiring and operational training.

System Monitoring

Monitoring and tracking of environmental controls such as water, lighting and HVAC.

Expert Consulting

A team of industry experts available to address any issues or questions along the way.